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Monday, August 3, 2009

USA Staff Visit Pakistan Projects

Islamic Relief USA staff member Shaista Khan recently returned from a trip to Pakistan where she and some colleagues visited different projects that Islamic Relief is spearheading. She was very impressed and brought back vivid stories and great news for Islamic Relief supporters. She reflected on her trip in a letter, excerpts from which are below:

Dhulli may be an insignificant point on most maps, yet this tiny place is one of the many that Islamic Relief has managed to reach out and give life and hope to.

Dhulli is home to a Basic health Unit (BHU), which was recently built by Islamic Relief in Bagh district on Dhulli Road. The BHU serves 9,000 people of neighboring villages. Some may have to walk a few kilometers to reach it, but they are extremely grateful for its presence.

This is one of the many projects that I visited during my travels in Pakistan. By projects, I mean the vast developmental, self-sustainable projects in those rural areas of Pakistan that no one else dares to venture, where Islamic Relief is bringing a beacon of light to the needy, maintaining their dignity and empowering the people.

Whether it’s the water pump in a rural village, or the income generation projects that help women run their own businesses by providing Islamic microfinance loans, Islamic Relief has done wonders.

The orphans support program is in itself admirable, whereby the orphan is not
separated from his/her other members of the family.

Those who sponsor orphans through Islamic Relief should feel proud that their donations are going a long way in building a young life in a world full of challenges.

With so much to say and share, I simply had to put my intro letter together so that I can reach out to you and request that you invite me and my great Islamic Relief team to your home/masjid /meeting place, so that we may further share our experiences.

The experience moved me; I can’t imagine what it will do to you.

I look forward to hearing from you,

From the heart,
Shaista Khan


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