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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aid shipment arrives in Haiti, reaches people in need

A 160,000 pound aid shipment that Islamic Relief USA coordinated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints arrived in Haiti this past weekend.

Aid workers have been working round the clock to make sure it reaches people in most need.

Senior IR-USA staff-member Anwar Khan accompanied the shipment and has been helping pitch tents and administer aid.

“We’re only getting started,” Khan says, explaining Islamic Relief’s plans for long-term development.

“The Haitian people need real solutions to get their lives back to normal, and Islamic Relief is trying to help.”

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After the quake on January 12, more than one million people are now homeless and in desperate need for temporary shelter.

Islamic Relief' is helping hundreds of people escape the hunger and cold they have been enduring for more than 2 weeks.

But Islamic Relief is not the only Muslim-American orgnaization to respond to the Haiti emergency. Click here to read an article on on the Muslim-American response to the emergency.

Click here to read more about Islamic Relief's efforts in Haiti.

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  1. Salam guys, have you seen this film on Muslim relief in Haiti?

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