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Friday, July 2, 2010

Islamic Relief Needs Your Giving Stories!

This year at Islamic Relief USA we are focusing our Ramadan efforts around the theme that "Giving is a Gift." During this blessed month, we know that each supplication we utter, the five daily prayers we perform, each time we remember Allah, read the Qur’an, do a good deed, and every way we give to those in need--we well be rewarded for it inshallah in multitude.

So during Ramadan, more than any other month, the act of giving to others not only helps those in need, but it is a gift for ourselves. Because inshallah Allah will bless us for all we give. Giving is a gift.

With this in mind, we are seeking your giving stories to share on our website to inspire each other to give back for the sake of Allah during Ramadan. Do you donate time or money to a cause or organization? Which ones? Do you volunteer somewhere? Do you give to your family? Share your stories with us in the comments section or please email us (and send photos!) You can email us at: with how you give back in Ramadan. If you don't want to share your whole name, you don't have to. But please share your stories with us. And we need your stories by July 16, 2010.

We'll be posting your stories on our website. Giving is a gift, for inshallah we will receive Allah's blessings for all we give in Ramadan.

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