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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aid worker diary: Joining hands to help Libya's refugees

IR USA staff member Seyed Mowlana has been sending diary entries from the Libyan border in Tunisia, where Islamic Relief is managing a refugee camp housing 15,000 displaced persons. Below are excerpts from Seyed's last diary entry before leaving Tunisia.

It’s still a sad scene at the camps as the numbers multiply but the situation at the campgrounds has seen tremendous improvement. In the last five days, a drastic change has occurred as toilets are being built and more tents have been added at a faster pace. Even the number of volunteers has grown.

I was very impressed with the amount of local Tunisians that came into the camp grounds, travel for hours, just to give a helping hand. I see so many dedicated and caring volunteers diligently working to improve the campgrounds and care for the refugees. The number of volunteers from Islamic Relief alone was quite evident. Wherever you looked you could notice the neon green vests with the IR logo, with volunteers handing out food and water.

I feel sad to leave Tunisia after being exposed to so much camaraderie and strength from people who have yet to find their way home. It gives me some relief to see so many volunteers out there making things happen, and knowing that Islamic Relief doesn’t sleep and will continue to aid those in need.

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