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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Islamic Relief Opening a New Office in Ghana

Islamic Relief USA CEO Abed Ayoub and his team continue their trip through several African countries before departing to the United Kingdom and Jordan. Their time has been busy with visiting government officials, high schools, and Islamic Relief programs in the countries.

Ayoub and the IR USA team had a 45 minute meeting with Ghanaian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. al Haji Mohammed Mumuni, during which Ayoub discussed Islamic Relief USA’s plans to open an office in Ghana.

“We are so impressed with the government of Ghana for the freedom and peace it has provided its citizens,” Ayoub said. “We are hoping to help the education of Ghanaian children, especially girls, by establishing schools. We also want to develop the capacity of hospitals in the area by providing hospital supplies.”

Mumuni thanked Ayoub and IR USA for their work and spoke of the challenges that Ghana face because of the harsh conditions of the land. Mumuni said that he was among the minority who benefited from a good education, and that he wanted that for other children in Ghana. Ayoub presented Mumuni with an IR USA souvenir .

Ayoub, Islamic Relief Development Coordinator Belkacem Nahi, and others on their team also met with the Ministry of Education, who detailed the need to develop computer, biology and other laboratories in high schools and universities. And lastly the Islamic Relief team was invited to the home of Vice President John Mohammed, where Ayoub explained IR USA’s history and its work with international NGOs. Mohammed spoke of the challenges that Ghana faces, especially in strengthening its educational infrastructure.

Alhamdulillah we look forward to establishing our office in Ghana,” Ayoub said. “There is much that Islamic Relief can do here, and with the support of Ghana’s government, inshallah we will be able to help the people of this country in many ways.”

Islamic Relief will be blogging more about Ayoub and his team as they travel to other African countries, then the United Kingdom and Jordan. Check back tomorrow to hear about their time in Mali. To help with Islamic Relief’s work in Ghana, Mali, and other areas, click here.

--Reporting by Belkacem Nahi
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