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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Islamic Relief USA Team Visits Orphans in Jordan

Islamic Relief USA CEO Abed Ayoub and his team concluded their trip through several African countries and are now in Jordan. In addition to meeting with government officials, the team has been visiting schools and Islamic Relief programs in the countries.

With Islamic Relief USA Development Coordinator Belkacem Nahi returning to the U.S., Yousef Abdallah, regional manager for community development, joined Ayoub and the IR USA team in Jordan where they visited IR’s office in Amman and met with the Secretary General Ahmad Mohammad Al-Iman of the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization. Ayoub informed Al-Iman that a $20 million shipment of medicine will be arriving in Jordan in about three weeks. The JHCO and IR Jordan offices will distribute the medicine. The two groups also discussed future projects they may collaborate on together.

The IR USA's team continued to have meetings with various organizations, including Alliance Against Hunger, who is an Islamic Relief partner in the U.S. Ayoub pledged to help the group’s work in Jordan succeed. The team also visited the al Baqa’a camp, where they conducted case studies on two orphans sponsored by donors in the U.S. One of the orphans has been physically disabled since birth, with shortened arms and legs. Donor sponsorship has helped in her treatments, but she expressed a desire for more help so that she could return to school.

The second case study was with a child who was a refugee from Gaza and had some mental disabilities. Her step-father was ill and out of work with no source of income other than the Islamic Relief USA sponsorship.

"It's so important for us to do these case studies to see where the orphan sponsorship money is actually being used and how it is helping the beneficiaries," Ayoub said. "It also provides that real connection for us to the people who are in need of our help."

After their time in the camp, the team returned to Amman to meet with Dr. Nayef Al Fayez of the Ministry of Health. Al Fayez expressed his appreciation for Islamic Relief's work in Jordan and around the world, and Ayoub said IR USA was interested in doing more work in Jordan’s health sector. The two agreed to further discuss Islamic Relief USA's offer to provide hospitals with medical equipment.

"Alhumdulillah it's been such an honor to meet with these officials and to hear that our work is having some real benefit for those who need it most. It inspires us to make plans for how we can do more," Ayoub said.

Check back to this blog to read more about Ayoub and Islamic Relief USA's trip, which will be concluding in a few days. Click here to read about their time in Ghana and here to read about their visit to Mali.

--Reporting by Yousef Abdallah
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