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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Children's Ramadan Giving Stories

This Ramadan, many children in the U.S. were touched by scenes of devastating flooding in Pakistan and decided to donate their own life-savings or raise money for a cause they felt passionately about. Read The Irfan Brothers and A Letter from Zain's Mother below.

The Irfan Brothers

Murad Irfan, 9, and his brothers Luqman, 6, and Sinan, 4, stopped by our Va. office last Thursday to donate $200 for Pakistan’s flood victims. Read their giving story as told by their mother, Inayet Sahin.

My sons had been collecting sadaqa all Ramadan and were looking for someplace to donate it to. They only had a couple of dollars because they had been collecting change from around the house. They wanted to collect more and were discussing how they could do it.

They decided to make some drawings and sell them, as well as some of their handmade pottery and books. They were up to $10 by the time they sold everything in their ‘store,’ but they still wanted to raise more and were discussing other methods of fundraising.

The night of the Pakistan Floods Emergency Fundraising Dinner in Alexandria, Va., we had a mawlid at our house, read Surah Yasin and a made a special dua for the people of Pakistan. Since we were not attending the fundraising dinner, my sons suggested that everyone bring their donations to our house. We sent out a message to everyone coming over and that is how they collected the rest.

A Letter from Zain’s Mother

Dear Islamic Relief Worldwide:

My son, Zaid, had his 6th birthday in the beginning of this month and he invited some of his friends. Instead of presents he requested his friends to make a donation towards the victims of flood in Pakistan. I hope you can forward this money to the people in need in Pakistan as quickly as possible. JazakAllah Khair for all your efforts.


Mona Shah
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