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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Giving Story: Noor and Usman Saleh

This Ramadan, many children in the U.S. were touched by scenes of devastating flooding in Pakistan and decided to donate their own life-savings or raise money for a cause they felt passionately about. Read Noor and Usman's giving story as told by their mother, Yasmine Saleh.

Two children who sold chocolate bars to raise money for the 2005 Pakistan earthquake started focusing their efforts on another emergency this Ramadan. Noor Saleh, 9, and Usman Saleh, 6, were devastated to hear about Pakistan’s recent floods that have affected over 20 million people. They wanted to do something to help.

Their parents, Muhammad and Yasmine Saleh, had blank Eid cards at home, so they decided to decorate and sell them for $5 each to raise money for flood victims. Last Friday, they took the cards to Woodlands Islamic Center in Texas where, in addition to purchasing the cards from the children, the center’s patrons started handing the children additional donations for the cause.

Noor and Usman have raised $660 so far and continue to make and sell Eid cards in hopes of helping more flood victims.
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