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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Islamic Relief's Response in Pakistan

Islamic Relief USA launched an emergency fundraising appeal, which it raised from $750,000 to $1 million on May 27.

To date, field staff have distributed kitchen sets, household sets and hygiene kits to about 2,000 families (Approx. 12,000 beneficiaries) in the conflict zone.

In coordination with partners, Islamic Relief also distributed hygiene kits, household kits, kitchen sets, clothing and mosquito nets to about 500 families (Approx 3,000 beneficiaries).

Islamic Relief is also constructing ‘mercy centers' around the conflict zone. These centers will provide food, shelter, basic medical care, psychosocial counseling and other vital services.

They are expected to begin opening their doors by the end of May.

Islamic Relief hopes to provide three months of emergency support to 70,000 beneficiaries in the Mardan and Swabi districts.

Assistance will include the provision of emergency aid such as blankets, clothing and cooking sets, supplies of clean water, and psychosocial support for traumatized children.

Please donate today to help provide comfort for children forced to flee from violence

Facts on Pakistan:
• Over 73% of the population lives below $2 a day
• 24% of the population is undernourished
• 38% of children are underweight

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