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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Displaced Children Long for Home

Eight-year-old Aziz fled from his village of Pir Baba in Buner with his parents and siblings almost two months ago. Since then, they have been living in a school in Surkh Dheri, where they are having trouble meeting their daily needs.

Aziz attends Islamic Relief’s Mercy Center in Surkh Dheri where he is provided with food, a safe place to play, education and most importantly, psychosocial counseling.

He told Islamic Relief aid workers that he is very homesick and wishes he could return to his village. Excerpts from what Aziz told them are below:

“I miss my home so much; I miss my village and my friends and the fruit trees by my house. We had peach, pear and orange trees. I miss my home all the time; that is why I feel sad.

I don’t know why we are living in a school and not a house. I did not know people can stay at school because schools are for children to study.

When the fighting started in my village I was so scared. There were helicopters and some buildings near my house were destroyed. I was very afraid and I used to hide behind my bed. But I have got used to these feelings so I do not get as upset anymore.

I have six brothers and seven sisters. My sister Sahar was very scared when we left our house and she screamed and fainted but she is better now. I am glad we are not living in a dangerous area anymore because I feel much happier.

I used to enjoy going to school but we aren’t going anymore. I had a lot of friends at school who I liked to play games with. I have made new friends at this centre and at the school where we live and we have fun together. The people at the centre are very nice and they play games with us and make us feel better, and I like that.

War is not good for my village. I want there to be peace there and I want to go back to my home very soon.”
You can help comfort the children suffering from this conflict by supporting Islamic Relief's mercy centers.

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