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Monday, June 22, 2009

Pregnant Women in Desperate Need of Healthcare

Demand for maternal health services has soared amongst the displaced women in northwest Pakistan.

A lack of adequate healthcare, poor diet and the stress of displacement are putting the lives of pregnant women and their babies at risk.

Nayyer Khaled knows the reality of this situation better than anyone. She supervises the team of Lady Health Workers (LHWs) in Char Gulli, where Islamic Relief has established a health team to provide medical care to the displaced people and the local community.

Khaled recently shared her experiences from the field:

"There are many displaced people from Buner and Swat in this village, and amongst them many pregnant women. Their health has been seriously affected by the difficult journeys they have made and the conditions they are now living in.

The other day I met one-month-old Laila who had been born as her mother Reesalat, journeyed through the mountains. Reesalat had given birth without any medical assistance and was traumatized by the conflict she was fleeing from.

After the birth she was in a lot of pain and was bleeding heavily but she did not receive any healthcare. Tragically, 12 days after giving birth she passed away.

Reesalat’s family are convinced that the stress of the shelling and bombing in her village, and the difficult journey lead to her death.

I have also come across many displaced women in this village who have given birth prematurely as a result of the stress they have been through. In this village alone I know of five babies who have been born recently to displaced women. They were all born prematurely and none of them survived.”

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