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Monday, May 17, 2010

California School Children Raise Money for Orphans

This spring semester, 38 students from the Minaret Academy in Southern California helped raise more than $3,100 for Islamic Relief’s orphan projects.

The children, who range in age from five to ten years old, began gathering donations a few months ago when they decorated cans and took them home to fill with loose change. Last Friday, the students also organized a bake sale, which raised about $1,400. The Islamic Institute of Orange County, the mosque that houses the school, also donated $1,000 in support of the student-led project.

Many of the children contributed from their own lunch money and allowance to help reach their goal.

"I show my thanks to Allah for all His blessing by sharing it with the poor," seven-year-old Husna Farooqi wrote on her can.

The project was launched earlier this year by the students’ Islamic Studies teacher, Samar Labanieh. "I wanted to teach the kids about [the Islamic principle of] ithaar," Labanieh said. "Ithaar is when you have something you love and you give it to someone else who needs it."

To read more about Islamic Relief’s orphan projects, please click here.

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--Zeyad Maasarani
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