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Monday, May 3, 2010

IR USA Volunteers Help in Spring Beautification

Islamic Relief USA was joined by the Alexandria Bar Association for the Third “Annual Spring for Alexandria” service event last Friday. IR USA team captain Fatima Issa led 10 volunteers and staff from IR USA as they planted flowers and trees at the local recreation center while Nazia Hossain, IR USA's national volunteer coordinator, worked with the bar association to clean shrubs and do other landscaping work around IR USA headquarters.

This is the begining of a new partnership with the Alexandria Bar Association. The two groups are scheduled to meet again in the next few weeks to find other projects they can coordinate on. There are over 400 nonprofits in Alexandria, Virginia, and many of the nonprofits participated for the cause. It was IR USA’s second year participating in the day of beautification. Ahmed Zaki Yusuf, a World Bank consultant and IR USA volunteer, said help should begin with one’s home community: "Islamic Relief has a good vision in how it wants to be a helping hand,” he said. Hossain added that every little thing a person does for their community “will make the world better.”

For more information on Islamic Relief USA’s relief efforts and campaigns, visit the site. Click here to donate to IR USA.
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